Motion To Condemn Funds

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Motion To Condemn Funds. Jun 14, 2011 . After the clerk of court has received the funds, the creditor must file to a Motion to Condemn Funds with the clerk of court in order to receive the . Attached to this motion is an application for the withdrawal of funds which has the Clerk of the Court to credit such disbursement(s) to the funds now on deposit  . Upon receipt by the court of a written request by the plaintiff, the court may enter an order of condemnation of said funds received and thereupon disburse the . The damages which the party failing in an action is adjudged or condemned to pay; sometimes simply called the "condemnation." As used in an appeal-bond, . Condemnation. The process of implementing Eminent Domain, whereby the government takes private property for public use. When land is condemned through . Aug 27, 2012 . Any demand for oral examination must be made by motion filed within 30. . shall , upon service of the writ, impound all funds then present in the bank. .. or to appear and show cause why a judgment condemnation should not . MOTION TO CONDEMN FUNDS. COMES NOW the Plaintiff and moves the Court to condemn all funds presently being held by the Clerk of the Court pursuant to . Jul 29, 2016 . Application to Condemn Funds. Form 3.18. Dismissal. Form 3.19. Notice of Garnishment. Form 3.20. Motion to Quash Garnishment and . Motion Cover Sheet · Municipal Forms · Oaths of Office Forms · Probate Forms · Professional Services Fee Declarations · Sample Criminal Forms · Small Claims  . Jun 12, 2006 . SCDOT condemned approximately eight (8) acres of land belonging to the court granted SCDOT's motion, allowing it to deposit the funds .


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